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Exploring the Latest Tile Trends: A Guide for Tulsa, OK Homeowners

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a city steeped in history and brimming with personality. From the burgeoning art scene in the Brady District to the beautiful Victorian architecture in the Deco District, Tulsa homeowners take pride in creating spaces that reflect their unique style. And when it comes to crafting a truly distinctive home, tile plays a starring role.


So, whether you're revamping your kitchen backsplash, creating a spa-like bathroom retreat, or adding a touch of elegance to your entryway, here's a look at the hottest tile trends that are sure to elevate your Tulsa abode:


Timeless classics with a twist

Classic doesn't have to mean conventional. While subway tiles and penny rounds remain popular choices for their versatility and timeless appeal, a fresh twist on these favorites is taking center stage.


Texture takes center stage

Move over, smooth surfaces! Textured tiles are adding a new dimension to classic shapes. Look for subway tiles with a handmade look, featuring subtle variations in thickness and a matte finish. Penny rounds with a hammered or chiseled effect create a touch of rustic charm. These textured tiles add visual interest and depth to your space, without overwhelming the overall design.


Playing with scale

Another way to breathe new life into classic tiles is by experimenting with scale. Instead of the traditional 3x6 subway tile, consider larger format options like 6x12 or even 12x24. These oversized tiles create a sleek, modern look and minimize grout lines, making your space feel more open and airy.


For penny rounds, explore laying them in unexpected patterns like a herringbone or basket weave. This adds a touch of visual intrigue and keeps your classic choice feeling fresh.


Embracing bold and beautiful patterns

Patterned tiles are a fantastic way to inject personality into your home. From geometric prints to floral motifs, there's a pattern out there to suit every taste.


Encaustic revival

Encaustic tiles, with their intricate patterns and rich history, are making a major comeback. Traditionally made from colored cement, these tiles offer a vintage charm and a touch of European flair. Modern interpretations come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them perfect for creating a statement backsplash, a unique shower floor, or a bold accent wall.


Beyond the border

Gone are the days of using patterned tiles solely for accents. Today's homeowners are embracing bold and beautiful patterns across entire floors. Moroccan-inspired zellige tiles, with their handcrafted imperfections and vibrant colors, are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.


For a more modern aesthetic, consider graphic black and white tiles or tiles with geometric patterns in unexpected colors. Don't be afraid to experiment – patterned tiles can be a fantastic way to showcase your unique style.


Natural allure

Nature's beauty continues to inspire interior design trends, and tiles are no exception. From organic shapes to earthy tones, natural elements are taking center stage in Tulsa homes.


Bringing the outdoors in

Stone and wood-look tiles offer a way to incorporate the beauty of the natural world into your home. Stone-look tiles, available in a variety of colors and textures, can create a luxurious and sophisticated look. Wood-look tiles, meanwhile, offer the warmth and beauty of real wood with the ease of maintenance that tile provides.


These natural-look tiles are perfect for creating a spa-like bathroom retreat, a cozy fireplace surround, or even a welcoming entryway.


Embracing the organic

Organic shapes like hexagons, octagons, and pebbles are adding a touch of whimsy and visual interest to tile installations. These shapes work beautifully in both contemporary and traditional settings, and can be used to create statement floors, accent walls, or shower niches.


For a truly unique look, consider mixing and matching organic shapes in a single installation.


Express yourself through tile in Tulsa, OK

Your home is a reflection of your unique style and personality. When it comes to tile, there are no hard and fast rules. Don't be afraid to experiment with different trends, textures, and colors to create a space that you love.


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