Stone, Travertine & Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile, Stone and Travertine Flooring SamplesCeramic tile, stone and tavertine are versatile, durable, and beautiful. They can be used in an assortment of residential and commercial applications. For your viewing pleasure, there is a tremendous selection of the latest colors, designs, and textures of stone, travertine and tile flooring at Mill Creek. Our stores in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri have thousands of square feet of showroom floor dedicated to displaying the many styles and colors you can choose from.

Because we're the largest natural stone, tavertine and tile flooring buyer in the Southwest (with stores in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri) we get the best prices and pass them on to you.

Options With Stone, Tile & Travertine

The endless options for tile use are found everywhere in your home as ceramic tile offers wonderful possibilities with its various looks in texture, design, and color. Everything from contemporary to rustic styles can be accomplished with ceramic, stone or travertine. For example, a plain backsplash can become the focal point of your kitchen through the creative application of ceramic tile, or perhaps you would like to accent the floor border to match your backsplash with tavertine or natural stone. Decorative tile is also available in a variety of themes for the home and office, as well as for outdoor areas like pools and patios. Ceramic tile is very affordable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Floors are popular places to use ceramic, stone or tavertine; floor tiles come in a variety of sizes from 6” X 6” to 24” X 24” and can even be laid in various directions and patterns to create unique designs. 

Why Shop Mill Creek For Stone, Travertine & Tile Flooring?

  • Stores across Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri
  • Warrantied installation offered on every product we sell
  • One of the largest tile buyers in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri passing the low prices on to you
  • Expert advice from our design consultants
  • Convenience of a one-stop shop for tiles, stone, travertine and more
  • One of the biggest inventories of tiles in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri

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Your choices are only limited by your imagination, so take some time in our showrooms to browse and dream. A Mill Creek consultant can help you make your dream a reality.